Broyhill® New Vintage™ 54" Counter Height Gathering Table-Time Worn Ebony-4809-522

Broyhill® New Vintage™ 54" Counter Height Gathering Table-Time Worn Ebony-4809-522
Broyhill® New Vintage™ 54" Counter Height Gathering Table-Time Worn Ebony with 2 open cubbies and square top


New Vintage has something beautiful for every room -- and various finishes for you to mix and match.

Sit around the New Vintage™ Counter Height Gathering Table and enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends and family. This sleek table features two open cubbies for dinnerware or napkins and wire access. The 54” height is available only in Time-Worn Ebony finish. The 48” height is available in Time-Worn Ebony and Vintage Brown finishes.


In selecting materials, designers and engineers at Broyhill design products that use a combination of selected hardwood and softwood solids, selected hardwood and softwood veneers, and wood and/or simulated wood products. Selected items may include panels of matching wood grain engraving. Certain parts, simulated wood carvings and/or other decorative embellishments may be made of simulated wood components. Stone materials are either natural or man-made. Rattan and cane is either of natural materials or man-made.

Wood Care
Wood comes from nature. There are natural variations in its texture and grain, including knots, mineral streaks, and sap runs that may affect the appearance of the finish. These variations are not defects; they are distinctions that make each piece of furniture unique.
Broyhill applies a multi-step finish on all of our wood furniture to enhance the beauty of the wood’s surface. This finishing process uses lacquer-based products that are subject to damage by moisture, heat, or contact with alcohol-based and oil-based products. Take care of the multi-step finish Broyhill gives each piece and you’ll preserve the inherent beauty of your fine furniture.
  • Protect your furniture
    • Avoid direct sunlight, heat outlets, open windows, and dampness. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the finish of your furniture, whereas extreme temperature and humidity changes can cause cracking or splitting.
    • Avoid placing hot objects on any furniture surface. Always use a protective pad or plate. Laminated surfaces on tabletops provide added scratch- and heat-resistance for our furniture, but they can still be damaged without proper care.
    • Do not allow plastic, including plastic or rubber placemats or rubberized feet on appliances, to come in direct contact with your furniture. Chemicals in the plastic may soften and injure the finish if exposed over a long period of time.
    • They can dissolve the furniture finish on contact, requiring professional repairs.
    • Never allow alcohol-based products including some cleaners, nail polish, and perfumes to come in contact with your wood furniture.
    • Never allow water or damp items to sit on your furniture, including cleaning cloths, sponges, etc
  • Dust frequently with a clean, damp lint-free cloth to remove abrasive buildup that can damage the finish over time.
  • Occasionally polish with a high-quality, non-silicone furniture polish every few months to enhance the beauty of the multi-step finish. Spray the polish onto a clean cotton cloth, apply it to the furniture, and then buff with a second clean, dry cotton cloth. Note that any polish may make a low-sheen finish appear more glossy. Avoid oily polishes and waxes.
  • Remove sticky accumulations of skin oils to avoid professional repairs. Wipe the area with a clean cotton cloth dampened with mineral spirits, then buff with a second clean cotton cloth.
  • Touch up small marks and scratches with a marker, scratch remover, or touch-up stick. Buy them at any paint store.
Note:At best, finish photography is a representation of the actual finish and cannot reproduce the depth, clarity and beauty of the furniture.


FinishTime-Worn Ebony
Leg Base TypeLegs
Table Top MaterialWood
Table Top TypeSquare
Depth54 in.
Height36 in.
Width54 in.